Our Renewable Future


The authors extend their deepest thanks to Post Carbon Institute staff for their work on this book: Daniel Lerch for his extensive editorial efforts; Asher Miller for guiding the project from inception to completion; and Leslie Moyer for coordinating input from contributors.

Many thanks also to Rebecca Bright and Sharis Simonian from Island Press for helping make this book a reality; to Adrian Wiegman and Jeff Rutherford for their research assistance; to the participants in our advisor summits held in New York and San Francisco in summer 2015, to Levana Saxon for facilitating those gatherings; and to our many reviewers and contributors, including Philip Ackerman-Leist, David Blittersdorf, Mike Bomford, Mik Carbajales-Dale, Heather Cooley, Casey Haskell, Elena Krieger, Susan Krumdieck, David Morris, Diane Moss, Mateo Nube, Cindy Parker, Anthony Perl, David Pomerantz, James Rose, Brian Schwartz, Bill Sheehan, Stiv Wilson, and Miya Yoshitani.

Finally, special thanks to Irene Krarup and the trustees of the V. Kann Rasmussen Foundation for their support of this project, the David Blittersdorf Family Foundation, and to PJ and LH for their steadfast support of Post Carbon Institute.